DSC04995Welcome to my site!

Whether you are new to the world of C&C (Crohn’s and Colitis) or are a veteran Crohny like myself,  my hope is that you will find both answers and comfort here.  I do not tell you what you necessarily want to hear.  My goal is to SHARE my experiences, my feelings, and most importantly,  honest, reliable information that you may be able to use.  While WE ALL  hope there will soon be a cure for both C & C, the truth is you’ve got to find a way to manage life until then.

Crohn’s is painful, it can be debilitating, humiliating and as soon as you think you have a handle on it, it can switch gears on you and start behaving very differently.  My   purpose is to keep you lifted, motivated and realistically challenge you to go toe-to-toe with this disease.

YOU CAN LIVE A FULFILLING LIFE in the midst of the madness!

19 thoughts on “HOME”

  1. Bonnie Wasicsko said:

    Saskia, I think it’s great!!! xo


  2. I’m excited to read more! I find your words so relatable! Love the honesty! =)


  3. Keep doing this blog, Saskia! You will inspire so many…. Also “blog-to-book” baby 😉 (I know a good agent, me!!!)


  4. Mindy Borkson said:

    You are superwoman! What a cool thing to do to help others ! Xo Mindy Borkson


  5. Drew Maslowe said:

    Just read you blog and found it very interesting! I will share it with everyone that would benefit from it. I will also share with the people in my field!



  6. Lauren L. Lake said:

    This is awesome Sas!! I know you will inspire and empower so many. So proud of you!! xoxo


  7. Treshia Knipper said:

    FABULOUS! You are forthright and “real”. Your honesty assuring other Crohnies they are not alone! Cannot wait to see more!


  8. Great job! Really insightful. This blog is sure to be a blessing to many! 🙂


  9. It was the best walk we have participated in. We did hollywood, west palm and now this one. This was the best. We enjoyed the entertainment, the booths. From now on this is our event every year.


  10. Hi Sas
    I love it!!! You are amazing.
    Robin xo


  11. Natalie Nixon said:

    Saskia, it was great meeting you and Denise! Look me up when you are in Philly.


  12. Barbara Galante said:

    What a great way to help yourself and others! Not an easy thing to talk about.
    You go girl!!


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