We are in the thick of the holiday season, and by now you have probably attended a few work or school parties.

I thought of my dear Crohnies as I prepared to go out this weekend.  Unless your host is overrun by people who are allergic to many foods or gluten-intolerant, etc.,  they really have NO  idea how difficult it is for you  to figure out what to eat and drink at their party.

It’s hard.  I know.  You attempt to be low-key and not make a big fuss, so there won’t be any explaining to do, but…it won’t be that easy.

So, here are my suggestions.  IF, you are NOT in a current flare, but you know that cookies, cake, spinach dip and liquor are not your friend, you need to come prepared.  Let’s assume you know the host well.  Ask ahead if there will be any lighter alternatives for sensitive folks like yourself.  He/she will probably bring up salad or a veggie tray, but remember, that is not exactly a good idea for you either.  What DO  you like that will not attack your lining later?  BRING IT WITH YOU!  You come to the party bearing a tray and it is also something you are guaranteed to partake of!  Fruit platters are a good idea, as well as gluten-free snacks.

I have had one too many holidays with an inflamed bowel, so for those of you in an active flare, I feel for you!  It is so easy to get bummed out, and frankly, want to pass on every invite because that is what is easier.  Rest up a few days before the event.  Keep your food intake to a minimum amount at a time with  several feedings a day.  Low-res soups and smoothies work best to maintain your energy with fewer trips to the bathroom.  Eating at the event is going to be really tough.  Your best bet is to hydrate and  EAT BEFORE YOU GO in the  comfort of your home.  Then, at the party stick to light, non-sugary, non-alcoholic drinks.  Like above, you could also take something light with you for snacking if you really have to.

Our society has made eating  and drinking such a huge part of our social atmosphere.  I get it, and I like it.  The problem is, that  Crohn’s & Colitis affect your digestive system.  Unfortunately, many days, the really great-tasting stuff is not our friend!  Don’t let the inability to graze over every morsel kill your spirits this season!  Think about why you are there with friends and family in the first place and enjoy your time together.