When you have Crohn’s, there is more than one humpday in the week.  I don’t know if you have made the connection–it took me forever because, well, I just keep going.  My point is, as a patient you learn all of the obvious signs and symptoms for diagnosis, then of course what to look for when you are in a flare or about to flare.  Aside from all of that, there are things that you probably think are just from the effects of running a household, too many work hours, or the not-so-great eating habits.  Maybe.

It is not uncommon to have trouble sleeping or falling asleep (hormones out of control); constant fatigue (poor diet, not absorbing nutrients, lack of sleep from the whacked out hormones); poor nutrition (inability to eat properly); dehydration; decreased libido and general mood; lack of motivation (due to all the above).  This isn’t the end of the list, but you get the idea.  The disease can affect nearly every aspect of your life.  Don’t get depressed yet.  That’s on the list too, but we don’t have time for depression!

I just need you to be aware of WHAT IS GOING ON with your body and mental state.  If things you are going through  seem unexplainable, just take a minute to think when/where the symptoms started.  It could (and probably is) tied to your condition.  Talk to your doctor or support person to get a strategy in place and start turning things around.  The plan may include supplements, “me time”, or a nutritionist.

For me, exercise is HUGE!  I don’t understand how, but on my rough days, I manage to make it to the track or a spin class.  The thought of it is a JOKE, but once I feel the surge of energy running through me, I feel better at least for a few hours.  I am recharged and destressed!

What are YOU doing to push yourself over your “Hump Days”? What motivates you when you really want to pull the covers over your head?