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One of the challenges of having Crohn’s or Colitis is finding not just a skilled physician (or in my case, team of physicians) but also one that listens to your concerns and actually attempts to address them.  I say attempt, because I understand fully that there is not an answer to everything.  As patients, we spend a tremendous amount of time frustrated with our condition and its ripple effect on our entire body.   I don’t exactly look forward to appointments–none of us do.  Yet, I have to say that the last visit to my GP left  me with a huge sense of relief.  I literally wanted to hug this woman after having a detailed conversation about my health, supplements and my hormones!  Specifically, how hormones are not some mythical entity and how they are indeed a factor on my trainwreck days! If you thought Crohn’s was bad on a regular day, wait until your cycle comes.  But that’s beside the point.

No,  she did not cure me.  But there’s something to be said about someone who seems to know what they’re doing.  I gained a sense of calm knowing that I wasn’t in this alone.   Without acting rushed or bewildered, she took the time to make sure I understood and was comfortable with a  plan in place.  Kudos to Dr. Peralta! I’m so glad to have you on my team!

Are you confident in your physician?  Do you feel better just knowing he or she is working on your health plan?