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Special THANK YOU’s to those who were able to make it to Monday’s Book Of Hope Luncheon!  I know all too well, that a luncheon isn’t your top priority on a busy Monday.  Still, you made the time just because I asked you.  You rock!

Some of you just absolutely could not make it happen–and that’s ok!

Here is an excerpt of my acceptance speech…..

“As a patient, getting involved with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation was one of the best things I could have done.  Often, you are at a loss on where to go for information, for support, proper care and then what to say or ask when you get there.  Once you make the call to the CCFA, you learn that you are not alone.  Offering numerous programs, there is something just for you and a friendly face to help guide you along.  I NEVER felt comfortable talking about my disease until I became active with the foundation.

My involvement has grown by trying to reach out to past teammates and friends through my blog.  Who knew that I would receive   an award for it?!  I started my blog after my first Team Challenge run in Napa last year.  There, I spoke at the prerace dinner to hundreds of runners.  People seemed to connect with me in a way they could not with others before.  The blog is my promise to them for answers and support.

The purpose of “Crohn’s Is A Pain” is to provide resources, support, and hope through MY experiences.  This gives me pleasure and is therapeutic, to possibly reach just one person who needs help.

Here’s to living the best life you can with what you were given!”