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Hi Gang! Sorry I’ve been off the map for a moment.  But I have spent the last month really trying to get to a “zen” state of mind.  I think in my effort to share resources with you, I avoided the details of my personal struggle with Crohn’s and colitis.  It also goes back to that need we have to act as if all is fine.

I have been in a growing flare that started showing signs just after the Christmas holidays.  I knew it was coming.  I felt it.  I stepped up my NAET treatments (as I was told my emotions were feeding the “dis-ease’ in my gut).  There are several schools of thought that absolutely believe this is true.  That what we think/feel/worry about, can manifest itself as illness in our bodies.  I tried to do everything right, yet, my issues were too severe.  Even a small improvement was not enough.

SO, I am on meds again.  At least they are minimal–no heavy hitters or injections.   This time, I can tell the problem is my colitis.  It will take some time but at least, after months of bleeds and having to schedule my life around the bathroom, I’m starting to see some improvement.  I will be adding a small sidebox to the blog with updates on my personal health, so as to not take away from the other material I want to share with you.  Be sure to check it out, if you’re curious.

Stay tuned, as I explain how nutrition is key during your flares in maintaining your energy level and overall well-being.