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It’s been a minute.  I know.  All I can say is life gets busier than usual sometimes!!

All is well, though, and I’ve even had the luxury of “regular foods” the last few weeks.  What I am struggling with is ENERGY!

I don’t know if it’s the age, lack of sleep, my activity level or perhaps several things, but I am at a point where only half of my 100-item task list gets accomplished each day 🙂  Seriously, I have never been able to use many of the supplements, energy drinks, or even coffee  that the universe indulges in, because of their stimulating effects on the intestine.  What are my Crohnies out there using? Does it actually work for you?

This is important for athletic Crohn’s or colitis patients, as there are times when you just need a little extra oomph!  I train most of the week and  I have the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon (we switched from the Kona run) coming up — 35 DAYS– and my training is becoming a chore instead of a liberating experience.   Sure, I’ve tried the GU’s and other gels, but only on running days.   This morning we ran 9 miles on the beach boardwalk and OHHH, it was rough!



The run this year is July 20th, so I’ve got time to get my mileage up.  Stay tuned for updates and photos later.  Thank you to all of those who contributed to my fundraising and helped me reach my goal minimum for CCFA!  **see page at http://www.active.com/donate/konaSFL14/FLSMadiso