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Hey! I’m here!

I know…the holidays came and went like a flash but I personally am still trying to catch up!  You guys have been on my mind a lot.  So as I pack up my gear to get ready for tomorrow morning’s Miami Marathon, I thought I’d sit down with you for a few minutes.

I live in South Florida.  You would think I only need a small overnight bag with my running clothes and miscellaneous items, but NOOO!  Similar to my post about what to pack when traveling, IBD patients and probably people with complicated diseases have to pack so much more.

Very quickly, I want to go over your running belt for race day.  It is a question that always comes up, and I haven’t even done this running thing very long.  I do not like a bulky pack, and believe me, if I could, I wouldn’t have anything at all tied around my waist.

Your belt should fit snugly around your hips–not tight–and use one that has the no-slip grippers on the underside.  Water holder loops are not important on race day, as most races have water at every other mile.  But that’s a personal decision and some people like having the comfort of their own water bottle within reach.

You should have:

1. At least two running gels, if you use them.  I do not promote any particular brand, but IBD people should definitely try the gel during training.  Race day should not be the first time.  Many are made now without caffeine if you are sensitive.

2. Wipes.  You can get individually wrapped ones from Summer’s Eve instead of trying to carry a pack or loose wet ones.  Two should cover you.

3. Two advil/motrin  tablets.  Just in case.  I know, not good on the stomach, but you will want them if you pull or sprain something.

4. Phone. Half of you run with your phone on your arm anyway, but if not take it with you with your coach or running buddy’s number saved.  If anything happens you can reach someone quickly.  Plus, you can take great photos along the way!

Aside from your belt, it’s not a bad idea to pack an extra pair of shoes, running pants, and headphones  in your luggage.  You should know what you are going to eat that morning for pre-race.  The hotel may not have food so early or just not have what you need.  I bring my own green juice and waters in a small cooler, a protein bar and a banana.  No, I don’t eat it all.  I decide that morning what to eat, and I drink most of the liquids the day before.

Gotta go.  I hope this was helpful!