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FUN-FUN-FUN!!!  What an incredible weekend!  I let a dear friend of mine talk me into this a few months back (not that it took much, as I have trouble saying “no”).  I agreed to nothing further than the half-marathon, but in hindsight I am so glad I did!  I was hesitant about training again right after having finished the Palm Beach run.  I technically didn’t train for that one,  but you know what I mean…I didn’t want to run.  At all.

But I’m feeling pretty good these days.  Not as much fatigue like the end of the year, and who would I be if I didn’t practice what I preach.  I just didn’t want to OVERDO.  So, my approach was to stay loose and not be so…me.  I chilled.  I didn’t stress about time, injury, nor the extra pounds I picked up over the holidays.

Race weekend the weather was FANTASTIC!  Really, we couldn’t have asked for better.  Lululemon, the athletic-wear geniuses, treated a group of the runners to a delightful brunch and an opportunity to rock some of their race gear.  Check out my fly pants in the photos! Do people still say “fly”?   No exaggeration, my capris didn’t just look good, they felt unreal.  Lightweight with an almost silky feel to the fabric.  Nice!  Thank you Lulu!