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I mentioned weight gain in my last post.  I can’t tell how much is inflammation vs actual fat.  Some of you know what I mean: when you consume sugar or breaded items and your belly pops out immediately like a woman in late pregnancy.  Thanksgiving and Christmas came and yes, I indulged.  I know better….more than most.  Yet, I wanted what I wanted.  A little pie, a little alcohol, a little mac-and-freakin-cheese!

Luckily, weight is my only issue and not a flare.  I’m also lucky I work out every day or I would be worse!  “Operation Clean Eating” begins this week!  Honestly, I am comfortable and confident with my body.  But it does need to be reset and detoxed.

It’s tough.  Always having to watch what you eat.  Nervous about triggering the next flare.  I understand that for our younger peers, all the wrong foods are a huge part of your social life (beer, pizza, processed foods).  If you are going to cheat, take a bite from a friend’s plate or order a small portion.  The pain just isn’t worth it!  You know at this point what items make you sick right away.  Why bother?  As for myself, I chalk this up to a phase of vulnerability.  It won’t happen again… I work too hard!

I’ll be sharing easy meals and shakes on my facebook page.  We all have our dietary hit list, so adjust when you need to.  For example, I cannot eat lettuce (or anything leafy) but that doesn’t stop me from having a salad!  I choose all of the vegetables I like and can tolerate and voila!   I also looove smoothies, so let me know some of YOUR favorites!!