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It’s Day 4 of IBD Awareness Week, and I feel somewhat guilty.   As if all that I do,  in terms of raising awareness and fundraising isn’t enough if I forget to post something smart each day!   Maybe I’m too old or have too many kids to keep up with the social media!  But I’m trying!!

In any case, I don’t know many details but there is a medical research study for an investigational medication  for patients living with moderate to severely active Crohn’s Disease, and that have NOT responded well (or at all) to anti-TNF  (biologic) therapy.

If you are interested, or think you or someone else fits the description check out their link at CelestStudy.com

I attempted to get more information for you in advance 😉  but interest requires registration for those who qualify.  I do not qualify.

ALL WEEK….the goal is to share information, uplift someone, and  educate yourself about IBD.  This disease is tough to handle alone and someone could really use your help.