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I had  taken some time off to not just rest but also handle life at home.  Last year, I kept saying “I need a break” from training and fundraising.  It can be quite a challenge constantly asking for money even when the cause is undoubtedly a great one.   Well, at the end of 2015, I  commited  to running the 2016 Rock n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon to benefit the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.  It is my pleasure and a blessing to be ABLE to run in the midst of my diagnosis!  As I repeatedly share with you guys, every day is a gift, and on my good days I will make the most of this life!  (See link below).


The last few months have been horrible!   My daughter has fallen terribly ill, and her least troubling issue is ulcerative colitis.  That’s right.  I said her least troubling.  Now, I don’t just run for me or my countless friends affected.  She is bold, dramatic, compassionate and born to make an impact on this world!  Now more than ever, I have to show her that labels and diagnoses do not decide your future.  So, maybe we have a few detours in this life, but I’ve got your back and you can still be remarkable.

Please take a look at my fundraising page and feel free, as always, to share with others you think may be helpful!  Wish me luck!!