Having Crohn’s and Colitis as an adult brings with it a host of additional worries compared to  that of a child.  Sure, we all hope to get better, find a cure, and have minimal procedures.  But as an adult, you also wonder:

“Will I be able to have children?”

“Will this illness affect my dating life/relationships?”

“If this is hereditary, will my children have the disease?”

“What if I am unable to work?”

There is SO much!

I was diagnosed at 25, and 19 years later I can certainly tell you this:  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE WHAT-IF’s!  So much of this is beyond our control!  Focus on the things you can control.  Meal plans tailored to YOU, exercise if possible, reducing  stress (I know…), and getting hands on help are key.

I think that my biggest fear, regarding my children, was that they would one day be diagnosed with either Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis.  Only because the more people I met with IBD, I found that  one or more of their children also had active disease.  It never occurred to me that there might be something worse out there.  Unthinkable.

I mentioned in an earlier post that my middle child, my daughter, was diagnosed with UC back in January 2016.  Her diagnosis is secondary to testing we conducted to find the cause of her renal failure.  Ten years old.  A gymnast.  A dancer.  Full of life.  In end stage renal disease and looking for a transplant.  Unthinkable.  DSC01952

But she is a champion.  Her mother’s daughter.  A soldier and a child of God.  She will be alright.  In the midst of all the why me’s, rest assured that you have been groomed to deal with whatever life throws at you.   When the worst days are over,  her resiliency and determination are remarkable!  Much like many of us with Crohn’s & colitis, this horrible experience is shaping her to be something greater than ever imagined.

It has been difficult these last few months.  Trying to be strong for her and my boys while keeping myself sane.  I am thankful for the intense workouts I squeeze in, incredible friends, my pharmacy knowledge, and the countless people praying for my family!  Every day is up in the air and draining, yet we remain optimistic.   As patients of an unforgiving disease, I know you get this.  We focus on what needs to be done and KNOW that there will be a positive outcome!