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How do you respond when life seems unbearable?  When all that surrounds you feels painful and coping is all you can manage to do?  Exactly what you do isn’t particularly important (let’s just hope it’s safe and legal!!).  However, each one of us is built to handle things differently.  Our coping mechanisms are different and likewise, our immediate reactions to crisis.

Yes, there is a reason for this post.  I woke this morning, thinking, “This has GOT to get better!”  It doesn’t really matter what the problem is, just know it’s there.  BUT, instead of anticipating more of a downward spiral, I enlisted hope.

Now, you may call hope, “prayer”, “faith”,  “optimism”.  In my book, it is all of these things.  Sometimes, it can be hard to muster for those that have fallen or been kicked down repeatedly by life.  I am here to tell you that even if you were not taught to have faith, were never shown optimism, nor practiced prayer, there are examples of it all around you!

Stop for just a moment and think beyond your current situation.  I DETEST the phrase, “Things could always be worse.”  It does not make anyone feel better.  Yet, it is true!

I thank God often for the health I have been given.  Yes!  I have Crohn’s Disease, and yet, am thankful for NO surgeries nor recent hospitalizations like my peers.  I weep for my child’s recovery, while I thank God she and her brothers are alive!  Our country is at odds and people fear the future, but we do have the power to change perception…one at a time.  Some have struggled with the loss of a job, only to be blessed with a better career around the corner.

Look around you and search for the positive things.  The call you were expecting, an apology long overdue, the test result you were waiting for.  It may be hard to see, but those few small miracles will be enough to fuel you through the next obstacle.  AND…if you can’t see it, fine.  Be a miracle to someone else and create an air of positivity.  It won’t fail you.

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