I cannot believe how time seems to just slip through my fingers now.  The last year has been a whirlwind!  Everyday,  life for myself and my family is hectic and there are always stressors.  But the hospitalization of my daughter really turned the household upside down.   One crisis can affect  every thing and every person around you.

Normalcy, or I should say, our new normal is slowly coming back.  I need you to know that no matter what disaster befalls you, in time, you will recover.  I won’t lie to you and I certainly don’t lie to myself….things are not the same.   Your guard is up.  Perception is different.  What you value has shifted, and tolerance for nonsense, if you had any before, is all but lost.

I am so thankful that during all of this, I have had no flares (knock on wood).   I remember family and friends telling me to “try not to get sick”, which I find humorous.   My IBD family knows what I mean.   Crohn’s patients don’t try to get sick.  Stress is stress, and when big stuff happens you just buckle up and hold on tight.  It is a wonder, but I have been gut-well.  However!   The weight gain has been infuriating and forces me to be creative in my closet.   While teaching fitness classes and running, I gained nearly 20 pounds! Why am I the only one of my friends who GAINS weight when stressed?!!

It’s  alright though.  Much of it is unnoticed, AND,  I have bigger things to deal with!  I will tackle the weight issue one day at a time.  As life lightens up for us, I will be able to focus on myself… a tiny bit.   It is certainly easier to work on physical fitness than to recover from a crohn’s flare, so   I feel  blessed every day.