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Well, I suppose I got too excited.

My last post featured my joy and ability to share with you my good health and a vacation from having to take anything prescribed.  I have been ill now for a few weeks. ( After my birthday, so, at least I got to celebrate that!)   For a moment, I beat myself up wondering what could I have done better?  Differently?   Then I remembered.  Nothing.

We forget, that both Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis like to play games, allowing you to feel in control for little snippets in time.   Then, a flare presents itself for any number of reasons.  Because my flares are not often, I get caught up in life (as you SHOULD) and forget how these two diseases do not play fair!  For those of you rebounding or coming out of remission, please do not despair.


At first, I thought, “Everyone will be so disappointed”, “I’ve let people down”, etc., etc.   Yes, full drama!   But I am sharing this for a reason…

It is hard being both a pharmacist AND a patient.  We are probably the WORST patients! However, I have been really good in recent years at listening to my doctor.  A lot of this is due to our working as a team.  At least that’s what I tell myself.  We come up with a plan together after looking at my life as a whole, not just the diagnosis.  I’ve noticed since working on behalf of IBD patients and others with autoimmune disorders, that we want to stop taking the medications so badly, and it is often to our detriment.

Listen,  I know most medications have side effects.  They must be listed and made known to you when dispensed.  But when your disease is disrupting your LIFE, keeping you from WORK, stealing your ENERGY and TIME from family, you MUST weigh the pros and cons of a working treatment plan.

I was doing perfectly fine, on minimal medication.  But I liked the sound  of “med-free”. Part of OUR treatment plan is staying in remission (symptom-free) for a better quality of life.  The flares are just not worth the agony.  Also remember, what works for your peer does not necessarily work for you!  Get on your path to wellness and don’t step off!   Wish me luck as I start all over! 20170827_120907