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I was just having a conversation with a friend recently about how refreshed I feel after my exercise.  For me, the more intense the activity,  the better.  But let’s be real, some days we just want to do the bare minimum! Having said that, even a brisk walk outdoors or a few laps in the pool can do a world of good!

When we are sick, the last thing on your mind is your exercise schedule, and depending on how bad we are, it probably should be.  Know that every session does not have to be an hour.  Every session does not have to involves weights and jumping.  Every session does not even need to “look” like exercise.   In the past, when my doctor has advised no gym, I literally want to scream!  This is because I am addicted to the amazing feeling that comes after.  There are so many things you can do for a mere 15 to 20 minutes that involve moving your body around!  Walking, stretching,  dancing….and all from your home.  Be creative and try something that will not aggravate your condition.   An obvious example: don’t do abwork if you are cramping or bleeding.  See? Easy.


At home workout when short on time!

I can’t explain it, but I can walk into a gym feeling lukewarm and completely unmotivated.  Then, 10 minutes into a class, my body is warming up and I mentally feel inclined to do more.  Adrenaline is a magical thing!

I saw the article below this morning, and thought, “Of course, exercise helps!”  The content is specific to depression, but know that stress, chronic disease, arthritis all show benefits.


When you exercise, there are neurotransmitters that are released in the body.  These neurotransmitters send signals to the brain saying, “Hey, I kinda’ like this!  Give me more.”   Some of the same receptors that receive these signals respond to sweets, carbs, compliments, etc.  So why not feed them something healthy?  An additional benefit, is that this “feel good high” isn’t just a moment.  It lasts throughout your exercise and can continue for several hours after.  Exercise isn’t just about being a particular size. Recognize the additional benefits that come with it and help shape a better you!


High energy day!