Unfortunately, because of the way some of us are (not YOU…. other people) I have to make the following disclaimer.

This blog,, is solely written by myself.  The thoughts and opinions contained here belong to me.  When quoting specific material, I will reference its origin in a clear manner.

While I am a health professional, I AM NOT a medical doctor (MD).  Under no circumstances do I attempt to diagnose anyone nor will I instruct anyone against the wishes of their medical provider.

The knowledge contained herein is based on my educational experience and my life experience as a patient living with both Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis.  The content within this blog will remain within those constraints.


All posted material is public information.  This is a public blog.  You are free to use your actual name or  an alias — that is your call.  However……Please do not post personal phone numbers, emails, addresses, with the exception of  the signup button to follow the blog.

When commenting on businesses or doctor’s names, please use discretion.  You may reveal whatever you like and be as honest as you desire, but be respectful.

That is all.

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